Time to hit the nail on the head

Good morning everyone as Frenchie mentioned Clemson basketball did move up in the poll to 11th in the AP poll! But not to much on that subject. We did have our final initial design review with our client Enough Pie yesterday. We had a larger crowd come out to help us narrow these ideas down to a specific design. Although we didn’t have our best renderings up on our boards our models were great in getting the 3 main ideas out on the table. As a team, Studio V is working hard to give our client what they want the structure to become, but that comes with its pros and cons. As a group we focused more on the structure and the way it was oriented on the site and how it would provide that shade for the kids. Enough Pie was expecting that and a seating/ storage layout in which we thought was important but would crowd the inside of the pavilion since the structure is only going to be about 250 sq ft. so we narrowed in our focus in on how the pavilion would be built and how the materials could provide a cool place rather than having seating take up most of the space. With that in mind we have some cool possibilities with a material (ACM metal) in which we are currently making study models and mock ups to provide a durable roof but allow the sun to play in our favor of allowing shadows and light to provide a unique outside and inside roof for our structure. This is all interesting stuff but we have to have some better boards and one model and mock ups of the roof by tonight for the potluck dinner with the church and community. We will essentially bring our final idea to the table of how the structure should look as mentioned already, but get the people involved last ideas of what they think and we start moving forward with the city and engineers to get this thing into construction documents and built by March 16.

IMG_0265IMG_7224image436c83d69eb221505a68ecde7b960dc6a--metal-siding-metal-panels                              This image of the colored material is The ACM metal talked about. Although it wouldn’t be in these colors we have a supply of white panels that we would use.

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