Storage & Seating Final Adjustments

Over the past few days, my team member Christian and I have been working extensively on making adjustments to the seating and storage that we have designed. A big part of the adjustments that we have been making addresses how the various board slats will go together. We will be using 1×3.5 slats of lumber with a 1/2in spacing gap in between each slat to create the bench and storage. The seating is positioned facing towards the interior of the Butterfly Book Nook, while the storage is attached to the back side of the bench. A key component of designing the seating and storage was deciding which direction the wood slats will flow. We decided to have the backrest and side slats run horizontally so that it creates the notion that they are all one piece. While the slats that create the seat are also horizontal, allowing for a comfortable seating configuration.

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We also have been studying and researching ergonomics and testing multiple angles to see which ones work best for our structure, while also providing comfortable seating. Originally the seating was at a 90-degree angle, but we have changed the angle to 95 degrees. We feel that this angle will provide a perfect level of comfort because of the slight adjustment that will complement the unique structure that we are designing.

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