It’s Hammer Time!!

That’s right!! Grab your pry bars, long handled sledges, steel toed boots, because it’s demo time! Tomorrow, Studio V will be on site to demolish the existing pavilion to make room for our new design. In addition, we are going to be submitting our construction documents (CD) set for approval on Monday. Things are really progressing rapidly at this point, so here’s a rundown on what the future looks like:

This weekend, we are going to deconstruct the existing structure (See FIG B) and finalize our CD set, and order lumber. Next week, we want to set the pavilion’s foundation on site AND begin fabricating the roof trusses (See FIG A) in our wood shop AND receive approval for our design from our engineers and the city, AND cut our roofing panels on a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine in Clemson!

Be sure to check in on Monday, when Austin will reveal what Professor Pastre and his sledge actually looked like, plus see any additions to our injury reserve (IR) after Saturday.


Truss Shop Drawing-2
FIGURE A: Shop drawings for one of the nine roof trusses
pastre rendering
FIGURE B: Artist’s rendering of how Professor Pastre and his sledge will look for Saturday demolition.
FIGURE C: Gratuitous bridge pic


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