Setting the foundation-Proceed at your own risk!

This weekend my studio v friends along with our professor tore down the old reading structure that once stood in the same relative location as our new structure sits. Today we started setting the post in the ground and making sure everything will line up exactly like we need in order to get our beams and trust to sit onto our post just right. Not only was this cool to see put up it was really cool to see it finally all come together and give us something to look forward to completing not only for ourselves but for our client Enough Pie. This morning we showed up in the shop and made cuts to 2x4s and cut angles to help us layout the 4×4 post to exactly what we needed and we even learned how to use a kreg jig to help put all this together. All in all this structure is going to be finished with framing very soon. So check back in with us to see how this structure is going to look when its all said and done with our unique trust structure, our roof panels, and our bench and shelving system for the butterfly garden.

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