These past 2-3 weeks have been the toughest, most hard working, work cranking weeks of the semester so far. We’ve spent hours before and after scheduled studio, spent entire nights, and entire weekends in the studio.

Last week we proposed a few designs after a long weekend to our engineer. We made a few different designs for the engineer to evaluate. The design we felt the strongest about was Lucas’ ( aka Luccywarm or Luccytakedowns). The design, aside from a few minor tweaks and alterations, worked. It checked all of our boxes. After the review, we bought good ole Luccyboy a sought after chocolate milk from the newly refilled vending machine in the studio.

Since that day we have been working on the smaller aspects of the structure such as joints, seating, structural footing. This fine-tuning of the structure has also been a tedious assignment that we have put a lot of hours into. Between these hard hours of work though, we have began to master an online video game, Fortnite.

Through these hard working times, we, as a studio, have built a friendship among each other, making the work part less bad. IMG-5824.JPGIMG-5774.JPG

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