Preparing For Research/Analysis Presentation

This past weekend Studio V worked together to finalize the criteria for our research/analysis presentation today. After the Pot-Luck dinner on Thursday, we were able to acquire some important information that would further help us with our research and analysis. On Friday in the studio, we went over some important topics with Professor Pastre that would need to be incorporated into our presentation for today. One topic we specifically spent the most time talking about was the precedent examples that would work best in the presentation to give our guest from Enough Pie a look as to what the shade structure could possibly look like.

Over the weekend we continued preparation for our first presentation by compiling all the information we have gathered from our research over the past weeks and finalized the presentation. Studio V looks forward to presenting our research and analysis today, and are eager to receive some significant feedback from our guest that will help us in the next stage of the project.



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