Ain’t no Cure for the Wintertime Blues?

Goooooood Morning Charlestooooooon! Today is January 23, but the weather is a balmy 70º and sunny.  While hardly expected in January, today’s weather perfectly expresses the mood of Studio V. Yesterday, we met with our client, Enough Pie, to help build rapport and trust as we move forward with the butterfly reading garden. Both parties left feeling satisfied and confident in the plan moving forward. Now that we’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! The first step in creating an iconic and welcoming pavilion is an individual design phase. By producing individual designs the hope is to create a bigger and more diverse array of ideas to synthesize into our final group design.

With the review looming at the end of the month, this semester is moving quickly. Each student met with Professor Pastre yesterday to discuss how they could develop their preliminary ideas and integrate the precedents we researched over the past week. By studio on Wednesday, each student is supposed to have developed several general proposals for the form of the pavilion. (This is always my favorite part of studio because you’re able to ignore the small details and experiment.) After Wednesday, we will probably have narrowed it down to one design and begin more nuanced design. Make sure to check in with us later to see what designs we come up with. Austin will be writing tomorrow, and he and I have been brainstorming some cool content we hope to bring you in the future so stay tuned!


Not everyday is rainbows and butterflies, but Monday sure was! With the client meeting for the butterfly garden going well and getting our hands dirty with design, spirits were high!


Stan (pink shirt) explains to our clients (right side) the advantages and disadvantages of various materials

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