The Puzzle Wall

Today in studio we finished assembling the new dividing wall in our space in the Cigar Factory located on East Bay St. in Charleston, SC.  The wall was originally crafted as a facade light study for the original Clemson Design Center in Charleston, which made it through most stages of the design and planning stages, [...]

Truss The Process

Its been a little while since I've written a blog so I figured i would write a quick one based off of yesterdays progress.  The truss' are up!!!   Yesterday we spent all day on site assembling the beams,  connecting them to the posts and finally attaching the truss'.  We used a system of blocking to [...]


We are now in the last few days of preparation before we begin construction on the final pavilion.  Right, now we are mostly divided working on individual tasks such as pricing, construction documents, detail drawings, and mock ups so that we are fully prepared for whats to come.  Hopefully, by the end of today we [...]

The Final Design

We are very quickly moving through iterations of our final design in order to have  the best idea to present to our clients in our final review on Monday, and the community on Tuesday.  We have pushed through multiple ideas and through endless tweaking we have settled as a group on a final kite like [...]

Initial Designs

Monday was our last day of studio before our big review with EnoughPie, Reverend Dash, and members of the town council.  Everyone is working hard on finalizing their designs before the review on Wednesday.  Its really interesting to see how different each one of our designs is and how the project is starting to take [...]

First Community Potluck

Last night Studio V had the opportunity to attend the first community potluck of the year at the First African Evangel Christian, the church that coincides with the community build project that our studio is undertaking this semester.  It was a wonderful dinner that gathered community members, Enough Pie, and Studio V in a very [...]