Truss The Process

Its been a little while since I’ve written a blog so I figured i would write a quick one based off of yesterdays progress.  The truss’ are up!!!   Yesterday we spent all day on site assembling the beams,  connecting them to the posts and finally attaching the truss’.  We used a system of blocking to ensure that we were properly spaced along with being level.  It was a group effort as lifting some of the bigger truss’ was no easy job.  However, its very exciting to see how much progress we have made just in this last week alone, and now that the main structure is complete we can focus our attention on completing the bench and assembling the roof.  Both of which will be completed next week while we are participating in the Community Build Association Boot Camp and Conferences next week.   We absolutely aren’t done yet, but it sure does feel good to know that the structure is up and working just as it was intended to.IMG_6155.jpegIMG_6131.jpegIMG_6123.jpeg

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