The helping hand

Today or rather this afternoon we start off our day by helping Enough Pie with assistance by a artist from redux at the site to paint the mural. As my good friend Kevin mentioned in his post this is a great opportunity for us as a studio not just to help our client but to get to know the community and other members that will be involved of affected by what we build on site. This is a great opportunity to get to know the individual your working beside today, whether you already know them or not its just a great experience and you always feel good to help someone else once in a while.

This time is also a chance to gather last minute ideas or information from the community or our client to think about because after we help with the mural we are diving into our brains and review notes from the other day. Coming together as a group of designers can be very difficult because we all want something different and we want our ideas to come first, but with our studio its different, we hear each other out, talk to David, and put all our ideas out there on the table today so we can come up with the best design for our client Enough Pie, the church, and kids that will all be using this garden and book nook for the greater good.

So if you have free time today come hang out with us and help paint a mural! 25542779_1550405665056495_944102082222711343_o

Hitting the drafting table


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