Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

This is the city: Charleston, South Carolina. I work here. I carry a T-Square. It was Thursday, February 2; it was cool in Charleston. We were working the day watch out of the cigar factory, the boss was Professor Pastre. My partners are Austin, Christian, Lucas, Madison, Stan and Troy. My name’s Frenchie. Today we followed up on some leads that our client, Enough Pie, had given us the day before.

The review of our individual designs on Wednesday yielded largely positive feedback, and left us with a list of criteria and attributes they liked in our designs. We learned that one of Enough Pies most important desires for the project was durability, something that us students have never designed for in studio work up to this point. In a post review brainstorming session it became clear that we don’t know what our final product will end up being, but we only have ten (10) days to refine our ideas into a project that we can begin to create construction documents to get a permit from the city.

Tomorrow, instead of meeting in studio we will be at the church painting the mural on the back fence of the site. We hope to further engage with the community and establish good will, as well as have some fun. For additional information, or if you want to come out, check out Enough Pie’s facebook page or look at the flyer down below. That’s it for now, Austin is up tomorrow, and I’ll see you on Monday the 12th.



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