Columns_Line Up

This Week, all the members of the Studio V are excited because we will put our plan and theory in to practice. On Oct. 30th, we started our work at the CAC.C wood shop. Firstly, cutting one side of the twelve 4"*4" wood and cutting the angles on the other side to match the exact [...]

Welcome to the Next Step: Detailed Design

In the morning of Oct. 1st, all of the members of Studio V gave the presentation to the Design Review Committee in order to suggest and introduce our process of design and purpose. For presenting better, we made three boards, one site plan model and one pavilion model. During the presentation, the members of the committee [...]

Process of the Design—Down to Earth

I was always wondering what the exact design process is. At the beginning of this semester, when we planed to make the bubble diagrams to support our ideas of the site plan. I jumped this step and directly went to Auto CAD to make it. Then when I tried to talk to other members and the professor Pastre, [...]