Process of the Design—Down to Earth

I was always wondering what the exact design process is. At the beginning of this semester, when we planed to make the bubble diagrams to support our ideas of the site plan. I jumped this step and directly went to Auto CAD to make it. Then when I tried to talk to other members and the professor Pastre, I always thinking that I kind of lost something for the site plan.

Things happen again on Sep. 15th, all the members in Studio V got together and separated into two groups. We aim to narrow down our ideas of the site plan and the pavilion. When my group tried to narrow down our ideas, we met a lot of problems. It’s so hard to find a clear idea for our pavilion. Then we talked to Prof. Pastre, he found out where the problems are. We don’t have a clear idea for the site plan and it’s like we jumped over the first process to do the next one. For the next few hours of the studio time, we separately make three ideas of the site plan and for each idea we had another similar thinking of it. Even though it is not so perfect for just a few hours, at least we know what we should do and where we should go.

The Process of Design
The Process of Design

This remind me a movie called Castles In the Sky and also the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But the design we do should never become the castles in the sky. Firstly, we should totally understand the needs of the design. Then we should have the theme to help determine our shape of the site and organize the space. Thirdly, creating the links to connect different elements in the site. For our project, the ideas of the pavilion should be considered after this step. For all the specific materials and details, that’s the thing we should put back for our design process. We should walk step by step, then our destination will be not far away.

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