Welcome to the Next Step: Detailed Design

In the morning of Oct. 1st, all of the members of Studio V gave the presentation to the Design Review Committee in order to suggest and introduce our process of design and purpose. For presenting better, we made three boards, one site plan model and one pavilion model. During the presentation, the members of the committee asked a lot of questions about the feasibility of the pavilion and the exact design of the site plan. For example, what kind of material will you use for the pavilion and floor covering? We also talked about the driving routes inside the garden and they gave us some other options to make the site pan better and flexible.

Presenting to the Design Review Committee
Presenting to the Design Review Committee

This presentation doesn’t mean our plan of the pavilion is perfect; we still need a lot of work to do. We need more detailed design of the pavilion to the point that you can check every small piece of wood, every way of the joint and every kind of material we use. We also need to simplify our design of the pavilion. Not only because of the limitation of the budget, but also the needs of the design which are simple, classic and long lasting.

On Wednesday, we have another presentation and we need to present it to our client. I think Jim will give us more suggestions about what he wants to see and use in the position of client.

Welcome to our next step about the detailed design.

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