Columns_Line Up

This Week, all the members of the Studio V are excited because we will put our plan and theory in to practice.

On Oct. 30th, we started our work at the CAC.C wood shop. Firstly, cutting one side of the twelve 4″*4″ wood and cutting the angles on the other side to match the exact length. Then cutting the twenty-four 2″*6″ wood to the exact size. After doing this, we put the primer on three sides of all 36 pieces of wood and waited for the whole night until the primer dried. On Thursday morning, we put the primer on the only one left side of all the pieces.

The Biggest NO.1 Column

The Biggest NO.1 Column

On Thursday night, we all made a very big progress because we made the “Sandwich” to combine the 4″*4″ and the 2″*6″ which means all the columns are finished. And we can continue doing to make the next step.

NO.2, NO.3 & NO.4 Column

NO.2, NO.3 & NO.4 Column


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