Pythagoras, my hero

img_7797.jpgThis weekend was a long one. We’re nearly done with our CDs and about ready to start the mockup.

On Saturday, Katie, Perry, and I went to the site to take out a portion of the community garden fence and mark out the extents of our concrete slab. Armed with 3 tape measures and a handful of flags, we got to work squaring the sides to the right length.

However, not all went as smoothly as we anticipated. Unfortunately we didn’t remove any of the fence, because we don’t have any temporary fencing to put up yet. Instead we turned our attention to the slab. With our measuring tapes, we used a 3-4-5 triangle to get the corner square which would work, but then somehow the opposite corner would be off by several inches. We took a break to ask a nearby city worker in the park to help us move the community garden’s mulch pile out of the way with his skid steer. With that taken care of, we went back to our trial-and-error process before we decided there had to be a better way to figure out how to accurately mark the perimeter. With some help from our good old friend Pythagoras, we calculated the diagonal going all the way through the slab and tried again. Holding our breaths on the final corner, we measured to see how far off we were…and it was dead on. It was honestly miraculous.

Sunday was a little more hectic. Tyler and Matt met Dave in Florence to pick up lumber that Dan Harding was gifting us. The rest of us met in studio and divided up the remaining construction documents and setting up drawings for the full scale mockup. Ailed mentioned that Dave had changed some of the design on Saturday. We all know by now that even a slight change at the base of a column will have an impact on the way the roof is working, due to the nature of our angled columns and sloping-in-two-directions roof, so we quickly got to work on adjusting the Revit model and updating the CDs to reflect these new changes.
Around 6pm, those of us at studio met Dave downstairs at the woodshop to unload all the lumber he brought back, which was a lot more than it looked like on his trailer. It took a bit to get organized and separate the wood by dimensions, but eventually we got a rhythm down and everything is orderly.
We’re almost ready to build, but there’s a lot to still finish before we break ground. We have a few more details to work out and need to update the budget, but we’re almost there.

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