Letting the design sink in

IMG_1709The studio is continuing to progress and push the Medway Pavilion CD set toward completion and each group of students is working diligently to finish their part of the design. Lillian, Michelle and I have been working on the sink for the past few days and after talking to Dave I believe that the design is very close to completion. We also realized that we would not have to cast the concrete portion of the sink into the foundation like we originally thought. We found that we could support these two monolithic concrete end pieces by running timber beams through them and then use a pin to lock the beams in place. This idea was derived from the design of a classic wooden trestle table. The beams will also serve other purposes as well. The two upper beams will support the galvanized trough sink and the two lower beams will serve as a place to store the three plastic vegetable washing tubs. We are using a very similar galvanized trough to what a previous community design build studio used at the magnolia garden pavilion however our trough will be recessed below the height of the concrete end pieces so that a wooden tabletop is able to flip over and land flush with the concrete. We plan to cut out the sink hole in the trough and run a pipe straight down into and out the side of the concrete foundation. The faucet for the sink will hang down from the ceiling to reduce the amount of plumbing in the area and allow for an easy way to store the faucet when the sink is not in use. The plan right now for the wooden table top is to break it up into two faces in order to reduce the weight acting on the pivot point and make it much easier to flip the table top over. By continuing to develop the details I think that we can complete it right on time to make it into the CD set.

Sink Design

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