Can you dig it?

  We spent most of Monday on site digging, leveling, and digging again. We began at 1:30 and didn't leave until after 9. To say that it was hard work would be an understatement. We spent a lot of time drawing the lines of the slab that our formwork would line up with. We then [...]

Letting the design sink in

The studio is continuing to progress and push the Medway Pavilion CD set toward completion and each group of students is working diligently to finish their part of the design. Lillian, Michelle and I have been working on the sink for the past few days and after talking to Dave I believe that the design [...]

One Team. New Scheme. Same Dream.

On Friday the studio huddled up again in the small conference room, just as we did on Wednesday, and reviewed the design for the the Medway storage pavilion. Unlike Wednesday however, we were reviewing one model that Juhee had done in SketchUp. This model was derived from all of our discussions on Wednesday regarding the [...]

Individual Design Presentation

Yesterday was a big turning point for our studio as we presented our individual designs to Dave and to nine members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The day was especially busy for myself because I was tasked with putting together everyone's work into a clearly formatted and easy to navigate presentation. The presentation went well [...]

Laboring on Labor Day

The day began with going back to the pin-up board right where we ended on Friday. We huddled around and continued the arduous process of narrowing down the broad bubble-diagrammed schemes that will be presented on Wednesday along with all of our research and analysis of the site and program. Through carful consideration we were [...]