One Team. New Scheme. Same Dream.


On Friday the studio huddled up again in the small conference room, just as we did on Wednesday, and reviewed the design for the the Medway storage pavilion. Unlike Wednesday however, we were reviewing one model that Juhee had done in SketchUp. This model was derived from all of our discussions on Wednesday regarding the three schemes presented and took Dave’s comments into account as well. Coming up with one concise scheme that 13 people can agree on has definitely been the toughest challenge of the semester but thankfully most everyone has been very agreeable and helpful during the process.


It was clear from this meeting that we are almost there with the design but even after all of our discussions today it still needs more fine tuning. Dave challenged us to look at connections within the model more closely and at the end of the day we even took a trip out to Corrine Jones Park to examine the construction and joints of a previous A+CB studio project. A small team of 2 or 3 people continue to press on tweaking the design and the others pop in and out with casual feedback regarding certain elements. In addition to the design everyone is continuing on with their assigned research. I have a quiet confidence that everything will come together and make for a great design and presentation but time is of the essence and we cannot afford to take any plays off.

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