Individual Design Presentation


Yesterday was a big turning point for our studio as we presented our individual designs to Dave and to nine members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The day was especially busy for myself because I was tasked with putting together everyone’s work into a clearly formatted and easy to navigate presentation. The presentation went well and the feedback we received gave us a clearer picture for what our site masterplan and pavilion structure wanted to be. The presentation revealed a lot of similarities between each of our designs but at the same time showed a wealth of great and unique ideas. It seemed that each person’s presentation brought something new to the table that could be very valuable upon further development.


After the presentation Dave gathered us and grouped us into four groups of three. In some cases we were grouped together because of a central idea or structural element that all three people addressed thoughtfully. In other cases people were grouped together because of ideas that complemented each other’s designs but were very different in overall approach. We as groups are now tasked with combining our ideas from our individual designs into four more fleshed out designs that take into account the feedback that we received from the presentation yesterday.

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