Laboring on Labor Day

The day began with going back to the pin-up board right where we ended on Friday. We huddled around and continued the arduous process of narrowing down the broad bubble-diagrammed schemes that will be presented on Wednesday along with all of our research and analysis of the site and program. Through carful consideration we were finally able to key in on four distinct schemes that showcased the widest range of possibilities for what Medway Park could eventually be.IMG_1612

Our next move was to begin focusing on the presentation. Specifically, how we could order all of our work within it in the most logical and efficient way. For this we all gathered around the white board and went into deliberation. Ultimately we were able to easily divide up our data into four categories: history, precedent studies, site analysis, and site strategies. We then transitioned back into production mode, prepping our data for the upcoming presentation and filling in any remaining gaps as needed. While not the most fun Labor Day I’ve ever had, it was certainly productive.IMG_1614

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