The Path to a Master Plan

On Friday we presented our ideas about the Medway Park project. We had to present both a conservative and a unconventional approach for the master plan. The 12 of us have different inputs regarding the master plan for the park. A quick glance was enough to notice how many similarities were within all those proposals, although each idea was novel enough to make us realize how many different directions this project could potentially take.  So from there we  started grouping the ideas based on the types of entrances, activities, active loops, location of the pavilion, among other different permutations of an underlying theme.
To ensure that our ideas would work cohesively while at the same time encompassing, we divided ourselves into small groups to come up with new master plans based on the different strategies to the project. Each group picked a theme and its opposite response. This way we will show up the pros and cons of each idea and give the client all the possible perspectives.
And because a group dynamic it’s not only based on work, we took the opportunity to receive our dear professor Dan Harding and hang out as group with the intention of relaxing and taking our mind off the project. Ideas flow better with clear minds and groups work better in a friendly environment.

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