THE construction weekend

This weekend was definitely one of the most challenging that I ever had before a final review. Construction speed increased drastically to meet our set goal for Monday. Some neighbors told us how amazed they were about how this structure had appeared so quickly. On Friday we divided to go on site and set up [...]

Hands On

We had a very productive weekend. On Friday we divided the tasks at hand for efficiency purposes; we had people at Medway Park to excavate and move the existing water pipes that were located where we are planning to put the slab. Others stayed in the Cigar Factory to finalize parts of the budget, ordering the concrete, [...]

Details, details & more details

The beauty of community build is that it gives students a very close experience to the design and construction process. Currently, we are on the phase where the design is modified based on the construction details and cohesiveness of specific connections. Today we realized that based on the function of the storage, it would be [...]

Divide & Conquer.

This Thursday was a day to divide and conquer. After having our very productive meeting, where we decided the final direction for the project, the class divided into a modeling team, storage design, materials, budget, and scheduling. There are many areas that need to be consider to make this project happen, and we are taking advantage of [...]

Steps towards progress

As the individual work phase is coming to an end, strenuous work is ever-present. Tomorrow, we will be presenting our individual ideas showcasing a wide variety of formal approaches for the site and future structure. Last night was a mix of site plans, sections, views, and to make it even more interesting, a little of [...]

The Path to a Master Plan

On Friday we presented our ideas about the Medway Park project. We had to present both a conservative and a unconventional approach for the master plan. The 12 of us have different inputs regarding the master plan for the park. A quick glance was enough to notice how many similarities were within all those proposals, although [...]