Details, details & more details

The beauty of community build is that it gives students a very close experience to the design and construction process. Currently, we are on the phase where the design is modified based on the construction details and cohesiveness of specific connections. Today we realized that based on the function of the storage, it would be better to position the wooden slats vertically instead of horizontally, which helps improve the connections on the corners. As a result of this decision, the benches on the north side also changed to relate to the storage, which curiously also improved its weight capacity. These are but two examples of how changes in the designed are intrinsically correlated, and how challenges and complications in the project can become potential opportunities for improvement.
I have enjoyed seeing our team divide and conquer the hurdles of this project and integrating solutions to tackle this undertaking. It feels like every individual has deep knowledge of a part or material and all of them coalesce in the project. Some are focused in the production of the final model with the construction details, while other small groups are still trying to finalize design details of the storage, benches, roof, sink, and structural distribution. But even with this distribution of tasks we get together for major changes and brainstorm sessions. Communication is key in this kind of project, and I am happy to say that so far the group dynamic has been very pleasant and efficient.

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