THE construction weekend

This weekend was definitely one of the most challenging that I ever had before a final review. Construction speed increased drastically to meet our set goal for Monday. Some neighbors told us how amazed they were about how this structure had appeared so quickly.

On Friday we divided to go on site and set up the beams of the roof and others to stay on the wood shop to paint all the elements of the storage, tables,and benches. Our site team had a strong commitment to the project by being out there while raining and 30 degrees temperatures. Even with those conditions they were able to set all the beams on place and some purlins.


Saturday the wood shop team assemble all the panels for the storage volume and panels for the benches. For the site team the rest of the purlins were placed.

Finally on Sunday we all got together at site to tackle all the assemble. Some of us were focused on the roof, setting all the metal panels, others were putting together the storage, there was a team setting the benches on place and fixing the tables, and a crew painting the girders and touch


All in all, this was a semester that taught me many valuable lessons. I learned what a team work really means, how labor work is so different from office work, how details are everything to make things become reality, and how it does not matter how many times you check something you should always have someone else triple check. I am very happy with the final product and very proud of the pavilion we managed to built for this community.

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