Paint, Paint, Paint…




On Tuesday, we had placed all the 4×4 columns in the piers and most of the 2×6 next to the columns. During the installation process, we had to use two ladders per each column, cause all the woods that we are using were not straight, and some of them were bowed,  some were kinked. In order to make sure all the 2×6 are straight and flat against the 4X4 column, some of us had to measure and mark where the location of the screws and some of us had to clamp the boards together and make sure there were no gaps between them. The tallest column was at fourteen feet high, and we had only able to use one ladder for some the columns, cause the other ladder wasn’t tall enough. I think the whole process was fun and scary.




Yesterday some of us went to the site in the morning and started to insert the girders on to the columns. We needed about 7 to 8 people to lift and move one girder to the genie lift. Even with 8 people lifting the girder at the same time, I can still feel the whole weight of the girder and it was a lot heavier than what I was expected. This makes me realize that how important about teamwork.


While some of us working on the site, some of us staying in the woodshop continue painting the storage pieces. We are trying to finish painting all the pieces by Friday so we can start assembling parts of them in the woodshop. We still have lots of the pieces to paint including the benches and table tops.

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