Hands On

We had a very productive weekend. On Friday we divided the tasks at hand for efficiency purposes; we had people at Medway Park to excavate and move the existing water pipes that were located where we are planning to put the slab. Others stayed in the Cigar Factory to finalize parts of the budget, ordering the concrete, and finishing the rebar drawings. The rest went to Magnolia Community Garden and finished the mock-up. At the end of the day, we all got together at Magnolia to see the result of our work and Dave gave us a short brief on how to use the rebar bender. Being able to see the final outcome of the mock-up was very exciting since we were all happy with the way it looks and works, and the fact that this is but a small sample of what the Medway Pavilion will look like makes it all the more rewarding.


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On Saturday, half of the team went to the site to start bending the rebars in order to have them ready to put on place on Monday after the excavation. The rebar bender turned out to be a big challenge for everyone. Most of us can bend the rebars, but only a few can cut them. It has been an exciting challenge and we are becoming more efficient as we continue to work with them. With the bender, we are able to make more accurate dimensions and angles.
The other half of the team stayed in the studio to work on the formwork drawings of all the concrete piers. This task has required a lot of thinking and analysis since our design has so many different angles and variations. Within the formwork team, each of us took two piers and developed all the respective drawings.


The rebar team continued to bend on site on Sunday while the formwork team finished the formwork drawings at the Cigar Factory. For the formwork, after all of us finished the piers we printed the drawings and exchanged between each other to read line and decrease the chances of mistakes. It was an incredibly productive weekend, and I cannot express how excited I am to start building this space for the community and see our ideas come to life



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