Thinking of a Master Plan

20170901_Blog Pic_2

The past few days we have taken the creative liberty to totally rearrange our project site of Medway Park. The twelve of us were each tasked with creating two new layout diagrams.

We were told to create two schemes, one “standard” or “tame” one and then a “wild” or “crazy” one. This is one of those exercises in architecture school that I always take a while on – I often get too focused on making the “tame” one, well, “tame.” The “crazy” ones can take a while for me too. I always want to make something unique and “wild,” but I am sometimes concerned that it would just end up making no sense. Sometimes I try to make a “crazy” scheme and it turns out to be my “tame” scheme.

I feel I am at my best as a designer when I have the time to just mass produce many schemes, mindlessly cranking out study models or sketches. When you are taking so many attempts at the same thing, you start to look at your site or program from angles you normally wouldn’t – you are trying to squeeze anything you can out of it, and sometimes you strike gold.

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