Diving into Revit

This week, we are putting the project into Revit. As you can see in the above image, it is very much a work in progress. Now that the column/pier grid is set, we can keep moving forward on the 3D modeling. So far the process has been fairly simple, as we have just been modeling [...]


During Wednesday's studio time we all got together and tried to squeeze our ideas into one design. As expected, there were some moments of disagreement and dispute. It is incredibly difficult to design a structure with twelve hands on the pencil (mouse), needless to say we were reminded of that. It took a while to get [...]

Individual Design Concept Development

Over the weekend I created a model (pictured above) to help myself understand the mass, scale, and space of the design I am developing. It is a single bar with evenly spaced structural bays, anchored at both ends by monolithic, orthogonal storage buildings. The structural bays are what you see modeled in wood. These are [...]

Thinking of a Master Plan

The past few days we have taken the creative liberty to totally rearrange our project site of Medway Park. The twelve of us were each tasked with creating two new layout diagrams. We were told to create two schemes, one "standard" or "tame" one and then a "wild" or "crazy" one. This is one of [...]