Individual Design Concept Development


Over the weekend I created a model (pictured above) to help myself understand the mass, scale, and space of the design I am developing. It is a single bar with evenly spaced structural bays, anchored at both ends by monolithic, orthogonal storage buildings.

The structural bays are what you see modeled in wood. These are drawing a motif from the shipping cranes that dot the greater Charleston skyline. These structural components are spaced evenly in a straight line, just as large shipping cranes are. I am studying different forms, with either unique structural members or equal-sized members, as well as different angles.

The canvas shading components draw inspiration from the sails that dot the horizon along the water in Charleston. It was difficult to model canvas sails physically (I used the leftover strip of paper from drafting dots) however I gave it a shot. They are meant to be irregular, at varying shapes and angles.


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