Flying Solo

Now that things are back to normal after the hurricane, we have been working individually on developing schemes for a master plan of Medway Park as well as ideas for some sort of structure that we’ll eventually build at the end of the semester. The structure includes a shading element and/or storage for the community gardeners of the neighborhood. Right now, we’re not thinking so much about the budget, but rather trying to tap into our creativity and figure out how to incorporate more than just a storage shed and shade. Since this element could potentially be used by the whole neighborhood, not just the gardeners, the design should be functional and playful.

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In addition to desk crits on Friday, the studio took a trip out to park to meet with some of the local gardeners who actually have plots in the garden and take care of the community plots as well. So far in the process, we have only met with the people from the parks conservancy, but it was very helpful to receive input from the gardeners themselves. We were able to pick their brains about their needs in the garden and what they would like to see not only in the structure that we’re building, but in the master plan also. I think we left with some good insight and information and can apply this to our individual designs.


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