A Community Garden can do more

A community garden can do more in a city. Today I am going to introduce a community garden done by American landscape architect Heather Ring who has transformed a disused site in Bankside, London, into a public garden with the introduction of apple trees, allotments, a timber pavilion, and a table-tennis table in a skip. The garden is also a space for a festival, a space for exchange between local residents and visitors, a space for teaching urban agriculture, a space for film screenings, musical performance, a space for local community meetings. And also, it is a space for the concept of low-carbon life. Right now, our city is lack of this kind of space, people are busy, they need this kind of space for them to get together and enjoy the nature, the communication.dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-1dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-2dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-coverdzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-3dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-6dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-9dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-11dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-7dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-14dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-15-3dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-16dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-22dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-20dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-21dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-18dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-17dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-19dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-10dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-5dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-4dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-8dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-15-1dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-15-2dzn_Urban-Orchard-by-Heather-Ring-13

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