Mockup making this weekend

At this weekend, we started to make our mockup at Magnolia Community Garden. Every process is not easy. Start by purchasing the materials, the tools. We need to make sure the size and quality are what we want. For example, the wood is straight enough, multiple types of the screw to match the different size of wood [...]


I will share some of the photos when we presented. We talked more about the details and complement somethings we have not thought about yet. For example, Leslie talked about that when people are washing the dirt of the root crops, it needs to be in the shade to protect the vegetable, and also provide [...]

Excellent Works and Presentations

At September 29, our four groups gave amazing presentations about their proposals for the Community Garden pavilion. Each of the group showed the diagrams, model, drawings, renderings, to imagine how they think of the pavilion would be. Compare to the last presentation, individual presentation, this time we combine these individual designs into 4 very different [...]

A Community Garden can do more

A community garden can do more in a city. Today I am going to introduce a community garden done by American landscape architect Heather Ring who has transformed a disused site in Bankside, London, into a public garden with the introduction of apple trees, allotments, a timber pavilion, and a table-tennis table in a skip. [...]