All Piers Formwork Ready, Thanks Giving break, and MUSC Urban Garden Visit

After our hard work, all the piers formworks and rebars tying were done and in position. In the process of setting formworks and rebar tying, we found that some of the rebars are not in right position, so we have to cut them down or bent them to the right position. There was the need to drill some new holes to put rebar in and use some rebar supper clue to make rebars connected tightly to the ground. So, I think that it is very important to check the position of rebar when pouring the concrete. We found that the second half piers rebar work were better than the first half because we used some extra rebar to hold them tight in right position. Then when we were pouring, the rebars were not moved by liquid concrete.

And we found that the edge of the second concrete slab which connects the first half slab is a little bit higher than the first half. So, I think that the reason is that we used the plastic to cover the first half slab and protect the first half, but which made the second half high when we finished pouring the concrete. So I think that in order to prevent this, we can cut the plastic off when we finish the pouring and we can hand make the new concrete part the same as the first half.

One more thing, I found that it is hard to set these formworks in the right position, because of a certain amount of error after the construction. But we use the wood sticks to keep them in parallel position.

At the break of theĀ Thanks Giving, I went to the MUSC Urban Farm and visit all the facilities in this community garden. I think that we could borrow some ideas from them. There is even one honey bee house. And I saw that the community really participated in this garden, all kinds of activities happened here. I share some pictures here.

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