Surprise! Concrete’s Here Two Hours Early…

Monday was our last concrete pour! After three separate visits from the concrete fairy we now have both sides of our slab, twelve proud piers, and two supports for our vegetable washing sink.

We were supposed to pour the piers around three but the concrete truck was there around 1 pm, so we had to get our act together quick! It was hectic but by now we’re practically experts in the pouring game (if anyone asks, no one got concrete in their eyes).

Tomorrow we are going to be able to take off the formwork to reveal what we hope are beautifully perfect supports for our columns, roof, and benches – they’re what makes this project tick.

Here are some photos from the pour: we have screeders, trowellers, power-washers, vibrator people, rebar pokers, and even a Himalayan princess.

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There’s no break however, as we’re feverishly working on getting our shop drawings done for the columns, girders, beams, and purlins so that we can begin our cuts and prime and paint our pieces for assembly. Time is becoming a very, very, precious thing.

There ain’t no rest for the wicked…

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