Visit at Magnolia Community Garden and Site visit at Medway Park at the beginning of 2017 Fall Semester

It was very excited to begin our first visit to the Design Built project we have done at Magnolia Community Garden and our new project site visit at Medway Park. We met with Harry Lesesne, Leslie Wade, and Jim Martin, who are the staff members from The Charleston Parks Conservancy. They gave us the tour and showed us how our design is working, what we can improve in the future, and what are the expectations, and challenges for the new design. We are impressed by their enthusiasm, the stories behind it, and the amazing relationship they have built with the neighborhood.  We are very glad to have this conversation and Thanks very much for their time and kind help.

We think that design can change lives, especially when 12 of Clemson architecture students and our professors together, contributing their imaginations, passion and hard working. We will see what is happening in the coming four months.


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