Finding our Rhythm

The second day. We’re past the initial visit to the site, past the meeting with our client, and on to the most exciting and riveting portion of the entire design process: research. I say this with a twinge of sarcasm but also with truth as well. Research is the first step, it reveals opportunities, challenges, and oftentimes things that get overlooked within a community. It gives us the chance to investigate the neighborhood, and helps us to better understand the people who live here and what they might be looking for in a community garden and park space.


This phase also gives us the opportunity to see for the first time how we are going to work as a team. Will it be smooth sailing and nothing but the sweet harmony of “Kumbaya”, or will it be a cluster of unlike minds consistently butting heads? From our team meeting this past Sunday and from today’s discussion, it looks like it will be a healthy and rousing mix of both!

In nine days’ time, our research, analysis, and a selection of proposed master planning schemes will be presented to the client, via our sharp Studio V presentation template (thanks to Tyler McKenzie). Our group has already begun to produce some rough graphics, data, and precedents which can be viewed below.

Wish us luck!

The Medway Park Site:


Timeline of Site Usage throughout History:


Basic Demographic Information:



A few Playground and Pavilion Precedents:


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