Mockup making this weekend

At this weekend, we started to make our mockup at Magnolia Community Garden. Every process is not easy. Start by purchasing the materials, the tools. We need to make sure the size and quality are what we want. For example, the wood is straight enough, multiple types of the screw to match the different size of wood and outside environment. Treated or not treated wood because some part of the wood will be exposed to the rain. After purchased the long piece of wood and put it into our car, the stretched out part should be marked to warn some car behind not to hit the wood.

All kinds of details should be paying attention. When I used the mixer to mix the concrete. I found that if make the adjustment of the rotation to a large angle, the mix will be better and the concrete will not stick to the bottom.  And it is really a hard skill to achieve when two people cooperate to dump the dry concrete into the mixer tank. After a few times of practice, we finally did it. But my back was sore after lifting nearly 50 bags of concrete with JT in two days. When we bend the rebar, we found that it was really hard to bend it without some tools. After our communication and discussion, we made some tools to bend the rebar in a better shape.

Finally, after a lot of communication and thoughts, I think we gained lots of experiences, which can be used for our next step for the pavilion construction. We found that without help from each other and communication, we really can not finish a project, even it is just a mock-up.



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