Mock-Up: Full Speed Ahead

With construction documents quickly finishing up, it is time to start building the mock-up! We have heard back from Leslie that it will be going in the corner of Magnolia garden. The plan is to begin today, and hopefully get the slab and piers poured over the weekend. There is a lot to get done, so we will be busy.

The mockup will be a small section of our pavilion at 1:1 scale. This will allow us to test our concrete formwork and make any necessary adjustments before we begin working on the final pavilion construction. For several of us, this is our first time pouring concrete, so it will be a great learning experience!

The mockup will consist of a small concrete slab, two concrete piers, a bench in between the piers, and a small roof structure to provide shade.


In order to pour the slab and piers, we first had to design the formwork. A few of us have been working on some shop drawings to help us put the formwork together. We are crossing our fingers that the formwork will hold when we pour the concrete.


First things first, we will be heading to Lowe’s to pick up all of our materials to start building! I am looking forward to seeing our design start to come to life.

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