Happy Thanksgiving!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of hard work: shoveling, tying, measuring, tamping, pouring, screeding, cutting, and drilling. It has also been a lot of fun. It is pretty amazing that construction began just one week ago, and we are about to make our last concrete pour. Yesterday, the formwork for the piers [...]

Mock-Up: Full Speed Ahead

With construction documents quickly finishing up, it is time to start building the mock-up! We have heard back from Leslie that it will be going in the corner of Magnolia garden. The plan is to begin today, and hopefully get the slab and piers poured over the weekend. There is a lot to get done, [...]

Final Design Review / Fall Break

Last Friday we presented our final pavilion design to the Parks Conservancy. Overall, it seemed to be a very positive day, and we had a really productive conversation.  There are a few tweaks to be made to ensure that the sink and harvested vegetables will remain in shade 100% of the time, but other than [...]

Working Well Together

Our studio is beginning to wrap up the four group design concepts!  I am proud of all twelve of us for remaining incredibly imaginative and optimistic as designs gradually become a little more grounded in reality.  Many problems have been thought through and possible solutions brought to the table.  It has been a productive and [...]

Irma Cancels Class

Hurricane Irma has brought strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding to the Charleston area.  Because of this, the CAC.C has cancelled class today, and most students have evacuated the city.  I am currently in Atlanta where the weather has been a little better.  Despite the storm, our studio is continuing to develop individual concepts for [...]