Final Design Review / Fall Break

Last Friday we presented our final pavilion design to the Parks Conservancy. Overall, it seemed to be a very positive day, and we had a really productive conversation.  There are a few tweaks to be made to ensure that the sink and harvested vegetables will remain in shade 100% of the time, but other than that not much will change moving forward. We will meet with the structural engineer to discuss sizing the members, so there could be a few changes after that as well. It is exciting to be getting close to the point of construction documents and mock-ups. We will be building very soon!

After Friday’s presentation, we were all glad to take a hard-earned Fall Break. It was great to get some rest and spend time with friends and family. And finally, it is starting to cool off outside and feel a bit more like fall. We are all back in Charleston now and ready to get back to work!


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