I will share some of the photos when we presented. We talked more about the details and complement somethings we have not thought about yet. For example, Leslie talked about that when people are washing the dirt of the root crops, it needs to be in the shade to protect the vegetable, and also provide the shade for people. However, because the sink we are going to posit is on the east side of the pavilion, which makes the pavilion hard to provide the shade at the morning time.  The pavilion can block lots of the sunshine at noon and afternoon. But for the morning, because the shape of our roof, it cannot provide shade at the morning time if we posit the sink at the east side of the pavilion.  the purpose of putting the sink at the east side is to have more interaction with the people in the garden. But right now it seems like the shade is more important than that.

So, I think in the process of design, we need to figure out what is the hierarchy of our design.  There are so many things and good ideas we want, it is very hard to decide which we to go.

And another thing which is important is that we need to fully understand what our clients really want. Also, we need to fully explain our concept and the big picture we are going to achieve. Then they will figure out if they really want this or that.

Third, at the process of design, architects should always understand what they really want to show. For example, we made the adjustment of the distance of our columns to fit in the storage. Then we find out that how to deal with the relationship of columns and storage is a question. Because we want to show the beauty of gradually changed angle columns, so we don’t want the storage to block the view of these columns. But how to deal with the gap between the columns and storage is a question. How to deal with this kind of detail is a challenge for architects.

I think we learned a lot through the process. We can use our fall break to think about these questions.

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