A lot to do and a lot is done

Wednesday the 1st of November was a hectic day at school. We started off by discussing the Construction Documents which are a lot more comprehensive than last week. The redlines done within studio were completed and the set is now sent to John Moore, our structural engineer. He has been an amazing support for this project. We are expecting his response with more corrections and red lines by the Thursday afternoon.

IMG_1997.JPG The next step, that we were not anticipating was a DRC review. The DRC is the Design Review Committee for the city, that approves or disapproves what is built in the city. For the same now we need to put compile a package with a brief presentation on the design of the Pavilion and the construction drawing set.


At the same time, the site needs preparation and markings to allow for excavation for our slab. Tyler and Matt handled the situation and Dave is planning to meet with Jason Kronsberg tomorrow to talk about the DRC meeting as well as ask for machines (like re-bar bender, formwork, concrete mixer etc) which will allow us to prep the site. For the mockup, Katie and Lillian have been preparing cad files and we have a budget of approximately $600 without budgeting for the steel reinforcement bars in the concrete slab and piers. We are also waiting for Leslie to let us know the location of the Pavilion.


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Personally, I started the day with doing the final finishing touches to the CD set and for the latter half of the day was calling Lighting Companies to figure out the fixures that we might use for the Pavilion. Obviously, the pavilion and the storages have to be dealt with differently, as the storage has been a metaphor for a lantern and the Pavillon can be humble. It was a little shocking to know the price of LED lights, which are super expensive and probably out of our budget but at the same time, we need to understand the lumens and the number of fixtures before we discard any option.IMG_1999.JPG

The new aspect about today was that we adopted the Stand-Up process for better collaboration amongst studio members. At the starting and end of each studio day, we would quickly let everyone know what we are working on and what we have achieved throughout the day. This is an amazing Collaborative and transparent technique in my opinion and will definitely help us be more productive for the crazy month of November!

Ciao for now, need to get back to work

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