Hardwork is paying off!

With the ongoing painting machine, we were also simultaneously working all the pieces for the roof and columns. We have made incredible progress from trying to understand how to draw and measure the roof pieces to have them finally ready and figured out. The storage unit is also all cut and primed for the color [...]

A lot to do and a lot is done

Wednesday the 1st of November was a hectic day at school. We started off by discussing the Construction Documents which are a lot more comprehensive than last week. The redlines done within studio were completed and the set is now sent to John Moore, our structural engineer. He has been an amazing support for this project. [...]

The almost final design.skp

After having more than 8 iterations of the design, we seem to finally steer ourselves into a design idea which we all support and are looking forward to tackling in the upcoming Construction Drawing set. Collaboration and leadership have gone hand in hand this week. It's not been the easiest week but the result is better [...]

Developing the 4!

The process continues with the studio, now combined together in 4 groups. Each group is trying to hit different ideas so that we can present a variety of schemes for our clients, the Parks Conservancy. The four ideas are centered around exploring the roof structure, exploring the idea of play, thinking from the bigger picture to [...]

Winter is here..

The Monday of the evacuation, sitting in Clemson with a nice hot cup of morning tea (57°F!!!... :O ); a more relaxed morning in the Hurricane than expected! Light Showers continue here at Clemson and hopefully, Charleston is now safer since the hurricane moved its path westwards. We are all hoping to be back after [...]