Winter is here..

The Monday of the evacuation, sitting in Clemson with a nice hot cup of morning tea (57°F!!!… :O ); a more relaxed morning in the Hurricane than expected!

Light Showers continue here at Clemson and hopefully, Charleston is now safer since the hurricane moved its path westwards. We are all hoping to be back after this small break and charge forward with the exciting semester. In the meantime, the weekend went by nice bright and summery with the Clemson Game, that we won of course! Looking at the bright side of things, we all got to meet our friends, professors and be back in Lee for a little while.

It also seems like we would be back to Charleston on Wednesday with individual takes on a design scheme that we have developed over the weekend. It will continue with more refinement for the Friday review which will help us consolidate into a more richer master plan.

Till then, take rest and enjoy the nice gray weather!


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