Hardwork is paying off!

With the ongoing painting machine, we were also simultaneously working all the pieces for the roof and columns. We have made incredible progress from trying to understand how to draw and measure the roof pieces to have them finally ready and figured out. The storage unit is also all cut and primed for the color scheme. (just in case anyone is wondering, the rock is the sample of our concrete)



On-site, the concrete piers are getting their touch-ups and are almost ready for columns to go in. Their heights were measured on Saturday and their elevations were noted to avoid any miscalculations for the heights of the roof. The formwork also came out pretty easily except the 4×4, where the posts would go.

Also, the LVLs and 2x 12 on site were primed and attached, ready for the final coat of paint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of us have definitely grown with this project and our smartness has also increased.. haha! Presenting an on-site design of saw horses and paint bucket.

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