Paint+Kitty Litter

Things are moving along in the wood shop as we wait for the concrete piers to cure. We started cutting the wood pieces for the storage unit, spilled some primer in the parking lot/on Dave’s car, threw some kitty litter on it (after scraping it off the asphalt) and went back to work. As half [...]

Keep on keepin’ on

Building the mock up has been so critical in understanding how we’re actually going to build the pavilion. We have figured out what works, what doesn’t work, and what we need to change for the pavilion. Without the mockup, I think the build later would be a disaster. We have been pushing to finish this [...]

27 Iterations Later…

Over the weekend we moved forward with our delegated tasks to finalize the design, but it is a process that cannot be rushed … we are also 12 perfectionists with 12 different opinions... Although we have all been assigned different tasks, we are all cross-pollinating and working through problems together, as is true with a [...]


In order to prepare for the next review with the parks conservancy, our design and research is going to be much more in depth than the last two presentations. This will also involve making sure that our design is well researched and well understood by a few potential new members of our jury. On Monday [...]

Flying Solo

Now that things are back to normal after the hurricane, we have been working individually on developing schemes for a master plan of Medway Park as well as ideas for some sort of structure that we’ll eventually build at the end of the semester. The structure includes a shading element and/or storage for the community [...]

Organized Chaos

Today was charrette day. All of us posted up in a conference room in the Cigar Factory where thoughts, concepts, opinions, and ideas were swirling around the room and somehow made their way onto paper. We began by listing all of the possible features that we believe, as a studio, should be included in the [...]