In order to prepare for the next review with the parks conservancy, our design and research is going to be much more in depth than the last two presentations. This will also involve making sure that our design is well researched and well understood by a few potential new members of our jury. On Monday we were informed that the plot of land that the park and garden sit on is actually owned by the school district. This means we will need to get approval from them as well as from the design review board. Inviting members from the school district to sit in on our presentation will hopefully give them a better idea of our thought process and intent, making the approval process smoother in the end. This is just a small glimpse into the world of working in architecture where we have to be prepared and cater our presentations toward certain clients. In working toward that goal, we have split up into 3 groups to further develop the design based on the feedback we’ve gotten and dive deeper into our budget research.Medway school.jpg

Above is an image of the elementary school that existed on the site before. Although the building was demolished, the school district still owns the land today, making us reconsider some aspects of the design and presentation.

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