During Wednesday’s studio time we all got together and tried to squeeze our ideas into one design. As expected, there were some moments of disagreement and dispute. It is incredibly difficult to design a structure with twelve hands on the pencil (mouse), needless to say we were reminded of that. It took a while to get everyone more or less on the same page, but I think we are finally there. Each person is viewing the design through a different lens, placing priorities on form, functionality, and everywhere in between.

I think we all did an admirable job at collaborating and making this last push toward a final design. We all have begun to realize that it is crunch time and we will need to start churning out construction documents soon. Certain intricacies of various people’s individual/small group designs have fallen by the wayside – due to budget limitations and time constraints – but we have done our best to incorporate what we can into our new, more realistic design.

As the weeks pass by, and our project becomes more and more “real”, I am getting increasingly excited to break ground on this structure. I think it could end up being something really special for the Riverland Terrace neighborhood. I shouldn’t look too far forward though, as we have a lot of work to do before then.


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