It’s Getting Real

On Monday, October 2nd we had our first work day in which the whole studio was working on the same design. We gathered together to kick off this new stage in the project. We first laid out what steps we should take next and what goals we have for the coming weeks of work. We then discussed what we should take away from last Friday’s review (which included a number of staff from the Parks Conservancy as well as a Clemson Extension rainwater harvesting expert). There are parts of each project that we received positive feedback on which we will try to incorporate into this next stage. The size of our group presents us with one of the biggest challenges as well as a huge source of opportunity. After taking time today to plan, schedule, and delegate I feel that we will be able to take advantage of having such a large, creative group. It is now time to dive into the details and logistics of our project. Very exciting stuff!


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